Sexuality Education in Technical and Vocational Institutions in Guyana: Possibilities and Challenges

  • Hazel E. Simpson University of Guyana
Keywords: exploratory, sexuality education


This paper reports on the results of an exploratory evaluation of a sexuality education program that was introduced in technical and vocational institutions in Guyana. The rationale for the program is outlined, along with the methodology employed in the evaluation of the program, including the analysis of data from document reviews, telephone and face-to-face interviews, and surveys of facilitators and students’ perceptions of the program. The findings of the evaluation are presented and the author offers some considerations to be taken into account when developing and implementing new programs.

Author Biography

Hazel E. Simpson, University of Guyana

Hazel E. Simpson is a former high school teacher of History and Social Studies. Now a Teacher Educator in the Faculty of Education and Humanities, University of Guyana, she teaches courses in Social Studies Education and Curriculum Development and Evaluation. She is also an examiner for national Social Studies Examinations for the Ministry of Education, Guyana, and the holder of BA, Dip.Ed., and Med. Degrees from the University of Guyana.